About theyogalifeproject

theyogalifeproject is based in the heart of Chorlton. Our mission is to help make the world a better more people centered place. And that starts with YOU!

We work with people to help them help access their natural inbuilt ability to change and transform – to empower their inner architect for a renewed quality of life and well being. Combining yoga practice with mindfulness meditation and the science of flow we have developed mind, body and breath techniques that are simple, inclusive and easy to use. The aim is that through practice the wisdom and joy you discover in class carries out with you into the world, your community, family, friends and workplace.

Who is this for – Everyone!

No matter what age, body shape, politics or gender – we teach real yoga for real people who live real lives. All our classes and workshops are fully guided and follow a simple 8 step process linking relaxation, breathing, posture and concentration which gently guides towards a deeper experience. Yoga is about connections and each yogalifeproject class is designed to bring about an inner experience of mind, body and breath towards that centre of stillness, rejuvenating calm and purpose that rests at the core of everyone.


The emphasis of each class, workshop or event is on You! – to discover what you can do to just let go and be. You will be guided moment by moment. Our teachers don’t just sit at the head of the class doing their own yoga. They move around the class, share their energy and get involved, gently encouraging and supporting.

What makes these classes different? – These classes help you to feel yourself! Probably for the first time

Maybe you have tried Yoga before and thought its not for you but with theyogalifeproject you will learn to breathe, relax properly, concentrate, build self awareness, inner confidence and find that inner stillness that is the source of who you are. Even after the first yogalife session you will feel different.


Our Yoga helps you to be fully conscious of what you are doing by becoming completely aware of the world you are in, the skills you are practising and the people you are with. This deeper awareness transfigures everything so that work becomes the yoga of work, play becomes the yoga of play and everyday living becomes your own yogalifeproject. In other words effortless, creative and joyful.

How do I start? – By making it your intention

The time to start your yoga adventure is now. As soon as you experience your first YLP yoga class you will wonder why it has taken so long to get started.


If you are new to yoga we recommend you attend our Yoga level 1 class or try a class as a taster. If you are little more advanced why not try our Sunday evening class? To attend any of The theyogalifeproject yoga classes you will need to buy an 8 class block.


Please note workshops, meditation classes, events and retreats are priced individually.