Mick’s Bio

Micks practice and study of yoga began in London in 1990 at the famous East-West Centre. In 1994 Mick started teaching his own yoga classes across central London whilst also working as an architect. Mick moved his family to Manchester while working as a senior designer on the master plan to rebuild the city center after the 1996 bomb.
Mick set The Yogalife Project™ in Manchester in 2011. Since then the Project has grown to encompass regular yoga classes, meditation, retreats and professional yoga teacher training. Mick has also designed and led a number of special yoga based workshops exploring the many aspects of yoga science from the deep posture practice, creativity and flow, stillness in motion and personal intention setting. His teaching is open, encouraging, spontaneous and playful. The style is Sivananda in origin, deep, creative, dynamic and varied, emphasising skillful mindful action – the true and authentic spirit of yoga practice. Still a professional architect and artist, yoga he says, changed his life and continues to influence how he lives and works. From his design and professional background Mick brings a unique creative approach to teaching, linking the relevance of yoga to daily experience.
Mick is a registered senior yoga teacher (SYT) and Certified Yoga Trainer with the Yoga Alliance, one of only 300 in the country. This accreditation demonstrates excellent standards as set by Yoga Alliance UK. Mick is also founder of beanddo™, a special spin out business designed to bring the benefits of Modern Meditation into education, healthcare and business. Mick is also a Master Practitioner with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council.