Professional Teacher Training

The YLP School is for those who want to take their yoga further and share the joy of yoga practice
The course is registered as a 200hr approved professional teacher training course with the Yoga Alliance Professionals and enables those that pass to practice in their own right as a YLP trained yoga teacher.
If you want to inspire others, share what you have learnt, while taking your own practice deeper then join a 5000 year old tradition and teach yoga… Our training school has met the stringent requirements set by Yoga Alliance Professionals, demonstrating that our courses are of the highest standard and that our graduates may use the title ‘Registered Yoga Teacher’ RYT as a sign of quality training.

Why train with Mick?

We teach real yoga for real people who live real lives. We are not interested in yoga on paddle boards, yoga with dogs, goats or vodka. We don’t care much for boxing yoga or aerial yoga either. We don’t follow any particular dogma or style. We teach yoga from its core science so that we can help empower new teachers to find their own unique voice and help others.  Our yoga teacher graduates go on to build successful yoga studios. Some teach in health care, schools in prisons. Some are developing their own unique yoga teaching yoga for fertility, self-empowerment, men only classes. Some are implementing their new yoga skills in deepen and enhance their careers in education, health care and therapy. 

Next COURSE starts September 2020

At the YogaLifeProject we like to ensure that the course can be adapted around your busy life. The YLP Teacher Training Programme is arranged across 18 Modules One Saturday/month so that you can plan ahead. 

In terms of cost we have two options: 

Option 1 –

£50 on application

£2700 payable 6 weeks before course starts

Total payable  – £2750

Option 2 –

£50 on application

£800 payable 6 weeks before course starts

16 Monthly instalments of £125

Total Payable – £2850

IMPORTANT. The YLP TTC only admits a maximum of 6 students annually.
To secure your place please click on the Deposit button below and complete the YLP TTC Application form.

Next YLP TTC Course starts September 2020. 


YLP Teacher Training Subject Modules

  1. Being a Yoga Teacher – 
  2. The Core of Yoga Practice – 
  3. Defining Yoga – 
  4. Being Still . Teaching Relaxation & Yoga Nidra – 
  5. Learning to Breathe. Teaching conscious breathing – 
  6. Intention. Teaching surya namaskar – 
  7. Introduction. Teaching a Beginner’s Class – 
  8. Teaching Core Postures. Sitting – 
  9. Teaching Core postures. Standing – 
  10. Body Systems. Part One – 
  11. Body Systems. Part Two –
  12. Teaching an introduction to Meditation – 
  13. Teaching breathing practices and Pranayama – 
  14. Key yoga texts. The Yoga Sutras – 
  15. Key Yoga Texts. The Bhagavad Gita – 
  16. Yoga Meditation (jappa)
  17. Practical Assessment class teaching – 
  18. Yoga in the World (Graduation) – 

Typical YLP Teacher Training Day

Each of the 18 day sessions will be organised as follows:
10.00am Tea & Check-In
10.30am Core texts/teachings/practice
12.30pm Lunch
1.15pm Main Module Introduction
2.00pm Module teaching content
4.00pm Discussion/summing up
4.30 Final meditation/relaxation
5.00pm Depart
"There are few times in your life that you can actually remember every little nuance and word spoken especially in a training situation, however Mick's friendliness and the way in which he taught enthused the group and made the whole experience utterly divine! Confirming and encouraging what we innately knew was a game changer. Interactive and made the course about the students and not a talking shop/textbook experience. Loved it!"
Sarah C
Yoga Teacher
“As a recent graduate of the Yoga Life Project’s teacher training course, I would recommend it to any aspiring yoga teacher. Mick encouraged us to think deeply about the philosophy of Yoga, and welcomed our many questions. He was unfailingly supportive as we wrestled with the theory, and always reassuring. It was a joy to share the journey with Mick and my lovely co-students, and as we start out on our teaching careers, I am struck by how far we have all come. I am so grateful to Mick and his Yoga Life Project for enabling us to be actual, real-life Yoga teachers! I am already teaching a couple of classes a week, and although I know the learning will never stop, Mick has given me the confidence to teach what I feel is the heart of Yoga, from the start.”
Yoga Teacher
We keep our standards high. Each YogaLifeProject teacher training course is bespoke and intimate limited to a maximum of just six students