Professional Teacher Training

NEW – From September 2020 you can train to be a great yoga teacher with Mick, ‘live’ online in our new YLP virtual school.

This new innovative course is based on the YLP Manual and core teaching curriculum devised by Mick from 30 years of teaching and practice. You will experience a minimum 64 hours of direct live teaching divided over 16 YLP modules. The course will follow the core YLP philosophy – Real Yoga – Real People – Real Lives so that you can be an authentic teacher who inspires others. 

We are currently developing the course and a special online teaching platform – The YogaLifeProject School

If you would like to know more and add your name to the YLP TTC waiting list than please get in touch.

About the YogaLifeProject School?

The YLP School is for those who want to take their yoga further and share the joy of yoga practice

The course is registered as a 200hr approved professional teacher training course with the Yoga Alliance Professionals and enables those that pass to practice in their own right as a YLP trained yoga teacher.

If you want to inspire others, share what you have learnt, while taking your own practice deeper then join a 5000 year old tradition and teach yoga… Our training school has met the stringent requirements set by Yoga Alliance Professionals, demonstrating that our courses are of the highest standard and that our graduates may use the title ‘Registered Yoga Teacher’ RYT as a sign of quality training.

In this training we are looking for the ‘right relationship’. Emphasis at the YLP is always on supporting you. But in turn we are looking for creative, compassionate, thoughtful, insightful and generous people to help build the love and energy that underpins our community together to study and transform. 

We like to interview everyone that wishes to sign up. If you are keen and feel you are ready to commit to a conscious intention to travel further on your yoga journey we would love to meet with you. 

You can talk to Mick and the team ‘Live’ online. Just drop a line to and we can book an online interview. 

YLP Live online Teacher Training Subject Modules and dates of teaching for 2020/21

Part 1:

  1. Being a Yoga Teacher – 7-28 Sep 2020
  2. The Core of Yoga Practice – 5-26 Oct 2020
  3. Defining Yoga – 2-23 Nov 2020
  4. Being Still . Teaching Relaxation & Yoga Nidra – 4-25 Jan 2021
  5. Learning to Breathe. Teaching conscious breathing – 1-22 Feb 2021
  6. Teaching surya namaskar – 1-22 Mar 2021

Part 2:

  1. Introduction. Teaching a Beginner’s Class – 12 Apr – 10 May 2021
  2. Teaching Core Postures. Sitting – 17 May-14 June 2021
  3. Teaching Core postures. Standing – 21 Jun-12 July 2021
  4. Body Systems. Part One – 6 – 27 Sep 2021
  5. Body Systems. Part Two – 4 – 25 Oct 2021
  6. Teaching an introduction to Meditation – 1 –  22 Nov 2021

Part 3:

  1. Teaching breathing practices and Pranayama – 10-31 Jan 2022
  2. Key yoga texts. The Yoga Sutras – 7-28 Feb 2022
  3. Key Yoga Texts. The Bhagavad Gita – 7 – 28 Mar 2022
  4. Yoga in the World 4 Apr-9 May 2022

How the course works

The overall course is divided into three interconnected online parts plus an in-person final intensive. All parts must be completed in order to attend the practicum intensive, final assessment and graduation.

To strengthen your learning and understanding each module is supported by a specially designed digital handbook to download.  There will be 16 handbooks which together will form a fully illustrated 500 page manual. 

I have been practicing yoga with YLP for approximately 6 years now, when Mick initially encouraged me to think about advancing my practice by completing the TTC course - I was extremely hesitant, for a number of reasons. It's an investment, which economically I had to think about the affordability of, my own self-doubt (which my yoga practice helps me to manage) and the general fear of stepping into the unknown. With the benefit of hindsight I now feel so grateful that I decided to just GO FOR IT. Mick's teaching style is so accessible and as we studied over 18 months rather than 4 weeks it really enabled me to embed the learning and the yogic teachings into my daily life. The other really valuable thing this taught me is that it's a process - you don't do a TTC course and become an "expert" - you begin to learn that we are always and will always, be doing exactly that - learning. Furthermore, the small group size enabled me to develop a great relationship with my fellow trainees - we had an intimate and very personal learning experience - during which we held space for one another so that we could embrace our strengths and also our vulnerabilities. Finally, the YLP TTC programme embodies yoga philosophy in it's most authentic form - as a holistic, whole person, mind-body practice, something which not all yoga classes I have undertaken have been successful in providing. Mick's unwavering commitment, life-long learning and passion really do shine through.
Emily E
Yoga Teacher
I completed my 200h Yoga teacher training with Mick and graduated in 2020 and what an amazing experience it was! Mick is an inspiring teacher and studying with him really fuelled my passion for Yoga. He has a deep understanding of Yoga which he shares beautifully. Mick shares his knowledge on complex subjects while still encouraging self-exploration and discovery. His energy is contagious and made me feel instantly comfortable. The training groups are small (ours had 4 trainees) which was great for growing my confidence. The design and structure of the course was extremely well put together. Mick helped me to build a better connection and awareness in my own practice, giving me the tools, knowledge and confidence to go out and teach. I cannot thank Mick enough for his continued support and encouragement. If you are looking for a teacher training course that will change your life, then this one is for you!
Peggy R
Yoga Teacher
"There are few times in your life that you can actually remember every little nuance and word spoken especially in a training situation, however Mick's friendliness and the way in which he taught enthused the group and made the whole experience utterly divine! Confirming and encouraging what we innately knew was a game changer. Interactive and made the course about the students and not a talking shop/textbook experience. Loved it!"
Sarah C
Yoga Teacher
“As a recent graduate of the Yoga Life Project’s teacher training course, I would recommend it to any aspiring yoga teacher. Mick encouraged us to think deeply about the philosophy of Yoga, and welcomed our many questions. He was unfailingly supportive as we wrestled with the theory, and always reassuring. It was a joy to share the journey with Mick and my lovely co-students, and as we start out on our teaching careers, I am struck by how far we have all come. I am so grateful to Mick and his Yoga Life Project for enabling us to be actual, real-life Yoga teachers! I am already teaching a couple of classes a week, and although I know the learning will never stop, Mick has given me the confidence to teach what I feel is the heart of Yoga, from the start.”
Yoga Teacher