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yogalife holds Yoga In Action workshops. In keeping with our yogalife mission, ‘bringing yoga to life’ each workshop is designed to explore different aspects of yoga practice and how it can be used to shape and enhance our daily lives. We believe yoga off the mat, in the world at large, in business, in our homes, with friends and colleagues is where yoga needs to be practiced…..everywhere..
If you would like to know more about how yogalife can help you or your business be more creative, more productive, healthier and happier then please get in touch.

Upcoming Workshops & Retreats

June 2021 Portugal

Join Mick and the team in Portugal to Change your World from the Inside – Out

Empower your Inner Architect™. Connect in. Discover yourself.  Change your world. 

When? June 5 – 12 2021
Where? Nazaré, Portugal.

Join us for a 6 day celebration of yoga, meditation and self-discovery!  Come relax, play and explore your inner and outer world in a stunning setting on the Silver Coast in Nazaré, Portugal.

This idyllic setting, steeped in nature, is where you will be staying on our beanddo retreat. We will have the whole Quinta Cabeco da Moita retreat site to ourselves. Join us on this relaxing break away to connect in, recharge and discover that beautiful place of calm and tranquillity within.

The retreat includes beanddo Modern Meditation, physical yoga, breathing and relaxation (suitable for all levels) combined with established and empirically supported mind-set practices and exercises to promote, direct and enhance your innate emotional and creative intelligence in order to help “Make Happy Work”. 

This quiet and calm space will allow us to relax and enjoy the outdoors in a truly peaceful environment. Surrounded by a natural spring lake, the site is also home to grass fed horses, and a variety of other friendly creatures! Such as goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, otters, and a variety of local wildlife who thrive alongside the lake. 


You will be staying in charming country houses dotted around the site, and we will come together in a central hall for the meditation and yoga sessions and various and self-development workshops. We also have our own private outdoor pool, so we have the opportunity to have poolside sessions (or perhaps even in the pool!) We will also have meals together, looking to build that sense of community throughout the week. The views from the communal dining area and yoga space with floor-to-ceiling windows are breathtaking. Enjoy watching the sun setting over the lake after a day of self-exploration and relaxation.

The venue is located 5 minutes from the traditional fishing village and popular beach resort of Nazaré on the Silver Coast. A bustling seaside resort in the summer months and during the autumn and winter months it is buzzing with surfers from around the world who come to surf the giant Atlantic waves on North beach, caused by a deep and unusual submarine canyon.

The cost:


That cost is ALL INCLUSIVE – all sessions, meals, travel to and from Lisbon airport and accommodation is included in that price. (You book your own flights) You will be having sessions with three different trainers covering a variety of experiences. 

Note: Should there be significant currency changes due to circumstances beyond our control we reserve the right to make a supplement if required. 

What will we be doing? What does a typical day look like? We’ll share an outline of the structure for the week, nearer the time, so you know what to expect and what is happening each day. The majority of the time will be spent at the retreat; however, we are a short drive to the beach and will have a day excursion to the local village one day, including an evening meal out. A typical day will follow this format:

Silent mornings – maintaining a gentle silence from when we first get up to after breakfast

7:00 Morning yoga and/or meditation – 45mins

8:00 Breakfast – announce an outline of the day’s activities

10:00 1st workshop

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Siesta – personal time

16:00 2nd workshop

19:00 Supper

20:30 Group activity/games

21:30 Personal time


Massages are available on-site as an optional extra.

The retreat is limited to just 18 yogi explorers. 

To reserve your place please pay £100.00 Deposit here…


  • What is the purpose of the retreat? This retreat combines the collective passion of three beanddo and YogaLifeProject trainers – Mick, Anna and Briony. We wish to provide a space for everyone to come and connect in, both with themselves and each other. We want to allow people the opportunity to relax but also explore practices and tools that can support meaningful personal change. If you desire to work through some specific challenges during this retreat, there’s plenty of material to work with to help bring about an internal shift. On the other hand, if you’re seeking relaxation and restoration, the pace and tone of the sessions – as well as this beautiful, peaceful location – will provide you with the space and support you desire.
  • What is the cost? £750.00. £100 deposit to be paid at the time of the booking via the YogaLifeProject website. Full payment to be made 4 weeks before the retreat start date. Unfortunately, no refunds are possible, due to the nature of the event and covering the cost of food and accommodation. 
  • What is included in the price? All sessions over the six days in Portugal, including pick up and drop off from the airport, as well as accommodation and three meals a day over six days are included in the price. We will go out one evening and have a meal out in the local village or by the sea, and the cost of this is not included in the price. Flights are not included. 
  • How many people will be attending? We have space for 18 lovely people to join us. There will be 4 of the team attending too, taking care of your needs and hosting various sessions. Your team are Mick, Sue, Anna and Briony. 

I have allergies/intolerances/dietary requirements: If you have specific requests for food, please share that with us at the time of the booking so we can contract the retreat owners so we can make the relevant arrangements. Any special requests need to be shared with us a minimum of six weeks before the retreat, so any relevant food can be ordered in plenty of time. 

What should I bring with me? All yoga equipment will be provided, so there’s no need to bring mats (unless you wish to!) We will be doing regular yoga sessions, so appropriate clothes should be worn. For other sessions, bring whatever clothes you feel comfortable sitting in and doing gentle movement in. The usual holiday gear is also a good idea: swimsuit, towel for the pool, sunglasses, hat, sunblock. A notepad and pen is also a good idea for the workshops. Bedding and towels for indoor use will be provided. 

Note: Should there be significant currency changes due to circumstances beyond our control we reserve the right to make a supplement.

Do I need to have experience with yoga and meditation? No – beginners are very welcome. We will be providing plenty of support and guidance and can tailor the sessions according to people’s level of experience. We may be providing more advanced sessions, which are open for everyone to join. Listen to your body first, and then your yoga instructor – do what you feel comfortable doing.

Are all the sessions compulsory? We warmly invite you to join as many sessions as you feel comfortable. But this is also YOUR holiday, your trip, your adventure. So if you wish to have an afternoon or morning off, or even a whole day, that is completely fine. There’s plenty of space at the site as well, so you can have peace and quiet away to yourself whenever you wish. 

What is the accommodation like? The site has an average review of 5 stars on Trip Advisor: 5 star reviews of Trip Advisor: There are several villas which have bedrooms, so the accommodation will be shared with your fellow explorers. Each villa has several rooms and there will be 2 to 3 people per room, so you will be sharing a room. There are multiple bathrooms/toilets per villa, which are clean and modern. There is no private accommodation available on site – this is where we are embracing spending time together as a group during this week. We will aim to keep couples together. Please request via email at if there are particular people you wish to share a room with.

What facilities are there? There’s a dedicated hall where we will be running meditation and yoga sessions, as well as various workshops throughout the week. There is also a main dining room where we will be having meals together. We have our own swimming pool as well! 

What food will be served? We have dedicated chef for the week and all meals will be vegetarian.

What’s the weather like in Portugal in June? Very pleasant! There’s an average high of 26ºC in June. Things stay quite pleasant at night, with temperatures cooling to 16ºC. The sea’s a refreshing 19ºC and humidity’s low. You won’t get much rain at this time and you can expect long days with an average of ten hours of sunshine. UV levels will be very high so make sure you wear sun cream. The sun rises around 6am and sets at around 9pm in June (source:

I have a question not answered here: Please drop us a line at with any questions and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. 

Sunny lakeside studio